Truly, mindfully living this amazing thing called Life…

Hello..I’ve started this blog as the second phase of what I call my ‘new life!  The first phase was my bone marrow transplant and I wrote a different blog during that process to help me deal with my emotions and try to find a way through it.  It was also a good way for my friends to keep up to date with my treatment.

I am now in my fourth year post transplant and for the past 6 months since I’ve been feeling more and more well.  I’ve been thinking long and hard about how I want my life to be, how I want to live life and make the most out of the second chance of life that I have been given.

I used to think, certainly during treatment, that I wanted to go off and have wild experiences in the world.  I don’t anymore.  Now I feel like I want a more simple, uncluttered, relaxed and happy life with my wonderful husband.

I am now able to turn my attention to what is important to me, and that is to be as healthy as possible, and in turn help my husband to be healthy too.  I’ve had my life saved by medicine and my eyes opened at the same time.

How can we go through life not looking after our bodies and minds when this is the only life we have?

The rates of illnesses with proven links to a poor diet and lifestyle are soaring and putting a strain on our health system.  I will not go through life without a thought for what my eating and actions are doing.

I can can no longer ignore the facts and want the Mr and I to give ourselves the best possible chance at being healthy.  I know, first hand, that illness can come for no apparent reason.  However, I feel very strongly that the things we can have some influence over, namely the food we eat and life we live, we should be influencing in a positive mindful way.

I am saying this because of experience, not to be a preacher but stating how I know I need to live now.  Why give myself more chance of getting ill or not feeling my best when I don’t need to.

so…this new blog will be about this new phase of my life.  I will be recording my menu plans and some recipes and my journey to get fitter, lose weight, eat well, grow my own food, and truly, mindfully live this amazing thing called life.

I am writing this blog for myself but as I do, if can offer any support, advice or positivity to anyone else then all the better.



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