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Back in business…

It has been a while… Nearly a year in fact!  I started this blog as a follow on from the blog I wrote when I had my bone marrow transplant.  The aim was to document the change in lifestyle that I (and my husband, Rich) had adopted since I recovered, to have posts about meal plans, recipes, vegan lifestyle, highs and lows of our allotment and a simpler, healthier (physically and mentally) way of living.

A year ago when I revamped this new blog I though we were settled for a bit, we had an idea to move house at some point in a few years but were relishing a period of calm, after the stress and turmoil of illness.  That, however, was not to be and for various reasons, the house move came much sooner than we planned.  We sold our house in March/April 2016 and used this time to follow our dream of living in a village with a more rural, away from everything and everyone, kind of vibe.  The move date was set for the beginning of June, and then our house purchase fell through! We had 2 weeks to find somewhere to live in order to keep our buyer, which meant we ended up in a rented house, albeit in a village location, but not ideal!

Thankfully, shortly after moving into the rented property, we found an amazing property just outside a village, much more ‘away from it all’ than we could have dreamed of.  It also had a parcel of land with three stables so perfect for us and our self sufficient veg growing dreams.

It is from that house that I am writing this, we moved in September 2016 and it has been a whirlwind.  It needs a lot of work but is perfectly liveable, we see it as a bit of a long term project, but somewhere we can stay for a very long time.

It was fraught at first and had, what we would call, emergency problems including rats and fleas, that needed sorting out straight away! But now we have sorted those and done a few more jobs on the house, I feel very at home here.

Some of my favourite things are sitting on my sofa and looking out the front window to see so many birds zooming to and from the bird feeder…Coal Tits, Blue Tits, Great Tits (bit of a theme here!), Long Tail Tits, Robins, Dunnocks, Greenfinches, Gold Finches, Sparrows, Collard Doves and Blackbirds.  I love looking out the back windows or from the garden and seeing open fields, seeing partridges plodding along our roof, seeing red kites soaring above our house.

I still have to remind myself every day of the little things that make me happy. Even though after my transplant I had a big wake up call about what was important in life, and how I wanted to live, I find it is still all too easy to get swept up in the daily grind, the roller coaster of what we are taught we should do…work, careers, stress, what’s conventional or deemed normal.  Actually my constant conflict with myself is trying not to live like that. It is not easy.

Our house has been very unloved the past few years and we are trying to make it all better… I sit writing this in our living room by a lovely real log fire… Lovely indeed but we actually have no hot water, heating or cooking facilities today as there is a problem with our gas supply (we are on LPG gas) and someone can’t come out until some time tomorrow….this is us living the dream!

So… Onto other things, I love cooking and am vegan as of last year (having been vegetarian since I was 12, a whole 24 years ago!), I also want to, and need to, lose weight.  I’ve always been, how shall I word it, plus size? A bigger girl?..anyway, when I was ill I put more weight on and was unable to exercise.  The illness led to me needing both my hip replacing so, again, exercise has been difficult as I’ve been left with back problems.  Now I am feeling so much better in myself I feel very positive about making changes in our life to make myself and Rich healthier people.  I know that for no reason at all you can be struck down with a serious life threatening illness.  I also know that diet and exercise are one of the most important factors in preventing illness and that is my focus this year, to ensure I am doing everything possible, within my control, to ensure Rich and I are living the healthiest life we possibly can.

I already, and have for a number of years, cooked predominantly from scratch and meals are heavily based around seasonal vegetables.  Cooking is something I find relaxing yet creative, especially now I am vegan.  I work out a weekly meal plan, mostly to ensure we don’t waste money on food we don’t eat or indeed waste the food itself.  My aim is to post my weekly meal plans and recipes, it will help me remember the recipes we like and also may just be of interest to other people.  I’ve also signed up to slimming world online so am going to follow that initially to keep focused.

My next post will be a weekly meal plan, and future posts will document my healthy life goal progress, vegan recipes, the renovation of our new house and work on our land, our countryside dream and so much more.



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  1. Emily says:

    I was almost with you there, sitting by your window and watching the birds, having a natter and drinking tea ☺
    I have started bird watching too and love to sit and watch them coming to the feeders. Even dug the old binoculars out! Glad you’re enjoying village life and getting stuck into your healthy lifestyle… I see your food sometimes on Facebook and wish you could sent a plate my way! I wish my family liked more vegetables… I do my best with the options I have! Lovely to read your blog and hear all about your new life xxxx hope you’re hotbwater and heating gets fixed soon! Em xxxx


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