Meal Plan w/c 23 January 2017

It has been a busy week, I got a promotion at work so it means more responsibility and Rich is also very busy.  We are in the middle of decorating our lounge, so that is a mess, with horrid bare walls that have had the wallpaper scraped off. We’ve got a carpenter coming to do new shelves in the alcoves, but need to put in sound proof insulation and then have it plastered first.  We need sound proofing as we can hear our neighbours TV…I can sometimes tell which advert is on!    I feel like I can’t make the house look nice and clean at the moment but it’ll be ok in a few weeks… I hope! Plus I can ponder over which wallpaper we will get…

We did manage a lovely walk today around where we live, which took in part of the Brampton Valley Way and the Kelmarsh Tunnels.  We also woke this morning to see bull finches eating the new buds in the tree outside in our front garden.  We sat in bed watching them with our morning coffee.   These really simple things make me happy. 

Anyway, here is the latest meal plan. As usual it is what we ate last week.

NB: SW means Slimming World which I will follow with the syn value of that meal.

Breakfasts Monday to Friday are Porridge (40g oats, almond milk, maple syrup) (SW 1/2 syn, HEB & HEA). Sometimes I add a chopped Apple, pear or banana (or whatever fruit is seasonal at the time.. I’ll do a separate blog post about our seasonal eating at a later date!)


Lunch:  Homemade Vegaetable soup (SW free).  I made a batch a few weeks ago with a barley, pea, lentil soup mix and carrot, potato and onion.  I froze it in portions and get one out for work when I need it.

Dinner: Vegetable Tagine (celeriac, onions, peppers, olives, tomatoes, almonds) with lemon, coriander couscous (SW free without the almonds and olives).

Lunch: Leftovers 

Dinner: Cottage Pie (containing Lentils, Chickpeas, Carrots, Celery) with a mustard mash top, with broccoli, carrots and peas on the side (SW free)  


Lunch: Edamame Bean Salad (lettuce, carrot, cucumber) with leftover lemon , coriander couscous from Monday night. (SW free)

Dinner: Shashlik Skewers (the recipe is from Vegan Street Food by Jackie Kearney.  It is vegetables, I used mushrooms, peppers, onion, broccoli and tofu, in a type of tikka marinade with chillies, ginger, garlic, spices, soya yogurt) I made a a celeriac pilau rice and a onion, tomato, cucumber salad to have with it. (SW 1 syn)


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Pizza…I don’t use vegan cheese (generally don’t eat it).  It was a homemade base, with a sauce made from tinned tomatoes, garlic and oregano, topped with artichoke hearts, olives, red onion and rocket. 


Lunch: I had soup and Rich had leftover pizza. 

Dinner: Crispy Coconut Cauliflower Tacos.  It is a recipe I found online and have made a few times.. Click here for the recipe 

Breakfast:  oat pancakes (40g oats, banana and almond milk, blitzed up and dry fried in a pan)

Lunch: Beans on Toast

Dinner: Vegetable Red Thai Curry with Brown Basmati Rice (forgot to take a photo).  I usually make a Thai curry paste and freeze it in batches, but this time it was a pre bought one.


Breakfast:  porridge with Apple.

Lunch: soup and a wholemeal roll

Dinner: Roast Dinner with vegan Yorkshire puddings.  This is my best attempt so far at the puddings.  My recipe works now but I need to tweak the cooking time.  I didn’t leave them in quite long enough. 

150g Self-Raising Flour, 150g Plain Flour, 1tsp Baking Powder, Salt.  Add approx 500-600ml soya milk and leave for 30 mins, then add another tsp Baking Powder.  The key like any yorkie is the hot oil in the very hot pan.  I preheated the oil in the pan until it was sizzling, quickly added the mixture and back in the hot oven (220 fan) for 20 mins and then turn oven down to 180 for another 20 mins. 

Later this week I will do a post about the house and what we are doing here. It is part of our plan for a simpler, more meaningful life.  Until then have a lovely week.   Stay happy and healthy. 


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