Meal Plan w/c 30 January 2017

Last week really flew by, in fact I can’t quite believe we are at the end of January.

Rich  was in London from Sunday to Tuesday evening so I was home alone, well with Iain the cat! imageI sent Rich this picture of us one morning so he didn’t forget us….

We are in the middle of decorating our living room, the plasterer has been to quote and I ordered the wallpaper… Harvest Hare by Mark Hearld, based on one of his Lino cuts.  I’ve had it before in a previous house and love it.  I have a love for British wildlife…hares, squirrels, birds…. I also enjoy doing Lino cuts myself and once our office is sorted and unpacked I can’t wait to do some more.image








On to the latest meal plan…Breakfasts Monday to Friday are Porridge (40g oats, almond milk, maple syrup) (SW 1/2 syn, HEB & HEA).


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Orzo pasta with mushrooms, tomato and kale (SW Free).  I only really have mushrooms when Rich is out and I’m cooking for myself, he hates them!

Orzo with Mushrooms, Tomato & Kale

Lunch: Leftovers with an additional salad

Dinner: Tikka Roasted Pumpkin, Tahini, Lemon Quinoa and Sesame, Garlic Greens.  (SW 5 syns per portion)

I cut up our last homegrown pumpkin!  We grew a variety of squashes and pumpkins last year which we stored and I’ve used over the past 3 months.   The tikka paste was leftover from last week (recipe from Vegan Street Food by Jackie Kearney).

When I make quinoa, this is my go to recipe.  I cook the quinoa, enough for at least 4 portions, and let it cool.  I mix 2 tablespoons of tahini with the juice of 1 – 2 lemons, a pinch of sugar and salt/pepper.  Mix that into the quinoa and then you can add herbs, tomato, cucumber, onion etc…  It is great for dinner and the next day for lunch.


Lunch: leftovers with an additional salad

Dinner: Bean & Vegetable Chilli with Jacket Potatoes and Simple salad (SW 1.5syns for whole recipe, 6 portions, so negligible for a portion)

I’ve always made up my own chilli recipe based on the various ones I’ve read I suppose.  This one has dried mixed beans, which I soaked overnight and then boiled.  I cooked onion and garlic, added about a teaspoon of smoked paprika, cinnamon, cumin and some dried chilli flakes or fresh chopped chilli depending on what I have.  I always make a big batch so added 2 tins of plum tomatoes, a tins worth of water, about 1 tablespoon of brown rice syrup (or sugar if you want) to taste, salt, pepper and lots of coriander.  I threw in some kale and a bit of the pumpkin I started using yesterday.   I cooked it on a low gas for at least an hour or more.   I’ve frozen 4 portions for a later date.


Lunch: we both needed a portable lunch so had a wholemeal roll each, which I had made earlier in the week and frozen.  We had olives and salad in them.

My go to basic bread rcipe is:

250g Wholemeal or Granary Strong Bread Flour, 250g Plain Flour, 1tbsp dried yeast, salt, 1tbsp rapeseed or olive oil and 325ml warm water.  I use it for rolls mostly but  I also use it for pizza dough substituting strong white flour in place of the wholemeal.


Dinner: Risotto with roasted pumpkin, kale and sprouting broccoli.  (SW Free, although I added nutritional yeast and I don’t syn that)

I finished off the rest of the pumpkin that was leftover from earlier in the week.



Lunch: Rich had leftovers with a salad and I had homemade soup.

Dinner: A very naughty Indian takeaway!


We went to visit Rich’s parents and had a wander around Higham ferrers farmers market.  They have a good veg stall so we bought what we needed for the week as well as some locally grown apples.  After that we went to see their new allotment and had a little walk which took in Chelveston Church and all it’s masses of lovely snowdrops, which are about to burst open and envelop the ground in a blanket of white.

Breakfast:  Wholegrain Crumpets from M&S

Lunch: Tomato & Pepper soup, homemade by Rich’s parents and some delicious sourdough bread from the market.

We then went on to IKEA and didn’t get home until late so grabbed some chips.   We were there mostly to get some ideas about storage for our house.   We are at the point of trying to figure out what we need and how we live in this new house.   Most of our furniture doesn’t fit so we need to plan what can go where and what we need to change or buy.


I didn’t have the best start to the day as I had been feeling very down.  I’d been thinking of our cat, Punky, who passed away last April.  I get times when I feel so deeply sad and upset about it and today, well this whole weekend, was one of those times.  He was really like my little companion, I spoke to him all the time, I’d looked after and loved him for 13 years and he’d been with me through all the good and the bad time, including  when I was so very ill having the bone marrow transplants.  I still feel like I have something missing in my life, a big empty hole where he used to be.

I suppose I feel I should be ‘getting over it’ by now but then I think I’m assuming people will be thinking that.  In actual fact I don’t really care what people think, rather, I like to remember what my psychologist said, that he was the most precious being to me, he just happened to be in a cat shaped body. That always makes me smile.

I had a good cry with Rich and we sat in the living room having breakfast watching the birds outside on the feeder.  Later Rich remembered I was going to do the RSPB Great Garden Birdwatch, so we did…watching them from the upstairs bedroom window.  We had so many, it was a real feeding frenzy…Great Tits, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, a whole group of along a tail Tits, 3 Goldfinches and 2 Chaffinches as well as a blackbird, collared Dove and 4 Robins.

After that we went to Rugby and viewed a new car that Rich had seen online and thankfully he liked it.

Lunch: Beans on Toast

Rich went out to the stables to chop some firewood and as it was a cold miserable day I thought I’d make some banana Bread, using up some over ripe bananas we had.   I used a recipe I’ve made many times, which is fat free…good job too after the bad food we had on Saturday!  The recipe is from the fatfree vegan blog

Dinner: Pad Thai Jay from the Vegan Street Food cookbook.  It is the first time I have made this and both Rich and I loved it.  It will definitely go on our favourites list, plus it was so quick and easy to make.


I’ll leave you with some pictures of my dearly missed Punky…


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