Vegan Meal Plan – 6 February 2017

I aimed to be a bit more organised this week, especially with my lunches but the week didn’t pan out how I’d hoped and I’m still feeling a bit down.  Thankfully I think I have figured out what is wrong.  I’ve realised I seem to have had a return of my orignal menopause symptoms.  I went through early menopause, at the age of 32 due to the two lots of intense chemotherapy I had for my transplants.

I was put on HRT as when you are younger you need the hormones to keep your heart and bones healthy.  Before I saw the specialist at Kings college hospital, London, I was experiencing a very low mood.  Initially I thought it was depression as I had been through that during my treatment but although it is very similar, it was my hormones that were causing such terrible teariness.  I literally could have cried most of the time and for little reason.  I also had various other symptoms too which were not pleasant.

Once I was on the HRT it was as if a foggy cloud had been lifted and I’ve realise this week that my symptoms have returned.  I was told that my dose might need adjusting at some point so I hopefully can get that sorted, that is one positive!   Even though I am years past my transplant, it never really goes away.

so on to the meal plan…

Breakfasts:  This week I had porridge (40g oats soaked in almond milk overnight with 1tsp maple syrup) or Alpro Go-on plain yoghurt with chunks of pear, apple and banana.

Lunches:  this week we had leftovers every weekday, from the night before.


Dinner: Garlic Kale Baked Potatoes, Vegetable Sausages and Spicy Tomato sauce

Thee potatoes are baked and then scooped out and mixed with kale and garlic (which I stir fried a bit first), the sausages are the new Cauldron Vegan ones from the freezer aisle of the supermarket and I made up a veg/tomato sauce.



Dinner: Thai Laksa Bake.  This is a favourite recipe of ours, it is a version of one from the Jamie Oliver Superfood cookbook, but we don’t have meat in ours, we just use squash.  Basically it is Thai curry paste, coconut milk, lime leaves, soy sauce, sugar (the basics of a Thai curry) put in an oven proof dish with a mug of brown rice, water, and large chunks of squash and onion.  Bring to the boil, cover and bake in the oven.  I normally add some frozen peas too.  Sprinkle with chopped fresh chilli and coriander to serve.



Dinner: I was craving comfort food so made us a vegetable stew (Carrot, Celeriac, Parsnip, potato) with parsley dumplings and some stir fried Brussels sprouts.



Dinner:  Easy midweek meal, Burgers and Wedges.  As I’ve mentioned I’ve not been feeling the best lately and I wasn’t in a cooking mood so opted for the easy option.  I’d bought some new Sgaia Seitan (wheat gluten) burgers, steaks and rashers.  I’ve not used Seitan much but wanted to test it out.  It was very meat like to me but then I haven’t eaten meat for 24years!  It doesn’t look very nice but once cooked it tasted lovely.  Even Rich ate it, although he said he preferred the Quorn spicy burgers.

These were quite expensive for what they are (about £3-4) and I try to keep processed pre bought items at a minimum.

I did potato wedges by cutting up potatoes and rubbing a teaspoon of oil on to them with salt and pepper, and then roasted in the oven and served with a salad.


Dinner:  Tofu veg stir fry with rice.  I find stir fry an easy quick meal to make and one that can use up lots of veg that is lurking in the fridge.  I crumbled in a bit of tofu that I had left over too.  The sauce was made up of soy, maple syrup, lime and tamarind paste.


Saturday: We went and collected Rich’s new car and then I came home to go for a walk with my lovey friend, Yvonne.  We did 9km in 1hr 45mins along the Brampton Valley Way which is right outside my front door.  We walked at a fair pace but we were also chatting the whole way!

I made a vegan brunch consisting of Potato cakes, beans, a Seitan rasher, tomatoes and mushrooms.


Dinner:  Laksa Soup with rice noodles



Today was a bad day as I had some sad news which took me a back somewhat.  We popped to our allotment, something we haven’t done for a while, to keep busy really and did a load of weeding and digging over.  We are growing onions, garlic and broad beans which we over-wintered and have purple sprouting broccoli and King cabbages which are very nearly ready to harvest.  Our kale is still doing well to and we have been cutting it as we needed it for quite a few months now.

Dinner: Rich cooked us a roast dinner with roast potatoes and parsnips, carrots, kale and vegan Yorkshire puddings that I made a week or so ago and had frozen.

I find baking very therapeutic so I decided on a whim to bake a cake, which ended up being Chocolate & Coconut as they were the ingredients I had in the cupboard.   I kind of made up the recipe and there was so much cake mix I made a loaf and a round cake.



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