Vegan Meal Plan – 13 February 2017

I’ve been very slow with this meal plan and am a week behind now but it’s finally here and I’ll do it as a what I ate last week post…

I feel like I start a post each week with the words…its been a busy week! It is only the last few months that I’ve started to feel like every week is busy and I know it is because I am working longer hours at work.  It is temporary and I hope to be cutting my hours back soon, although it will not be at the end of March now, more like May/June.

I am also aware that I am, for want of a better word, lucky.  Most people have to work full time and come home and do all the other things that life throws at us.  It is just that since I was ill, I get tired and stressed out so much quicker and in a much more intense way than I used to.  I am so very thankful that I do not have to work full time anymore as, quite frankly, I couldn’t do it now.  It’s weird because I very nearly didn’t survive to have this life to live, but I did, yet I find it difficult to live it easily like I did before.  You’d think it would be as simple as feeling so grateful to be alive that nothing is a problem, unfortunately for me it isn’t like that.  That’s not to say life isn’t good, it certainly  is.  I have an incredible husband, wonderfully friends, lovely home and am trying to live life in a more mindful and meaningful way.

The house is coming on, we had the lounge plastered and our new sofa finally arrived.

Anyway let’s get on with the meal plan!


Dinner: Lentil Fritters, Lemon & Almond Couscous, Spicy tomato chickpeas

Lentil Fritters

In a food processor I placed about 400g soaked red lentils (soak over night in cold water and drain), fresh chopped ginger, garlic, salt, fresh coriander, an onion, a chopped chilli and some cumin.  It needs to be fairly smooth but not completely, some larger bits.  Refrigerate for at least half hour and form into tablespoon size balls or whatever size you want really, but not too big!  I actually fried these as I wanted the proper crispy outside, but you might be able to bake them if you spritz them with oil first.

The chickpeas were just made up… I cooked chickpeas, onion, garlic, fresh tomatoes cut into chunks, chillies, smoked paprika and a little water to make a sauce.

Couscous: put couscous in a bowl with hot water, cover to let the water absorb.  When all the water has gone, fluff up with a fork and add the juice of at least one lemon, plus the lemon zest, coriander, salt, pepper and toasted flaked almonds.


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Stir fried Rice

Veg Fried Rice

My husband, Rich, actually made this as I was meant to be out for dinner but there was a last minute change of plan.  I had cooked the brown rice the day before so it was cold.  The sauce was based on a Nasi Goreng sauce I had seen in a recipe book…although I think Rich used a bit of artistic licence, there was certainly a lot of chilli in there!


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Lentil Bolognese with Wholewheat Pasta

Lentil Bolognese 
Lentil Bolognese:

Start with onion, garlic and carrot and sauté in a pan.   I add oregano, tinned tomatoes, cooked green lentils, salt, pepper & balsamic vinegar and a bit of water.  Then cook it so it thickens and become sweet and yummy.


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Bean Chilli with flatbread and salad.

Bean Chilli
I had an evening work meeting so before I went out to work I got a bean chilli out of the freezer (I made it a week or so ago).  I heated it up and had it in bowls with a big side salad and tortilla wraps to dip in.


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner:  Rich had chips from the chip shop and I had a Jacket Potato with Baked Beans and a salad.


We went to ‘Seedy Saturday’… No not that sort of seedy!  Basically it is a community seed swap in Northampton.  We didn’t have seeds to swap so made a donation in exchange for various vegetable and flower seeds.  It was the first time we had been to it and we thought it was great, coming away with loads.

Afterwards we walked into town and had lunch at Zapato Lounge.  They are part of a small chain and have a vegan menu.  We both had the Falafel Burger.  When we got home we sorted all our seeds out…we have so many and can’t wait to get planting!


Lunch: We had a Smith & Jones catch up lunch with our lovely friends Mr & Mrs Smith, aka Anna & Jason.   We showed them around the house and land as they hadn’t seen it before then headed to the pub for lunch.

I had originally planned on taking them to The Swan at Lamport, as it is literally a very short walk up the hill from our house.  I emailed them twice to see if they could offer a vegan Sunday lunch, but they never replied so instead we went to The White Horse in Old, a 5 minute drive from us.

They had so much choice for veggies/vegans, at least 2 vegan starters, 3 vegan mains and a vegan pudding.  I opted for a Lentil Cottage Pie with gravy and veg, followed by Apple & Plum Crumble with vegan ice cream.  Everyone else had roast dinners.

I do find it odd that pubs don’t seem to think that veggies and vegans want a roast dinner… It is one thing that we definitely do want!

See you next week…



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