Vegan Meal Plan – 20 February 2017

I am doing a trial for the next month of logging what I eat on myfitnesspal or chronometer tomake sure I’m getting all the right amounts of vitamins and minerals.  I am generally happy with the amount of fresh veg and fruit as well as whole grains etc that I use but it will be interesting to see. 

I know my vitamin D levels are a tiny bit lower than normal as is my calcium but they have been for years, just slightly on the low side, not enough to do anything about it.  Although I do take a vitamin tablet now aimed at vegans with vitamin D, Folic acid, B vitamins, selenium and iodine.  I get regular blood tests when I’m at the hospital every month for a venesection.

I have venesections, which is taking a pint of blood off, because my iron (ferritin) level was super high.  I think it should be no higher than a reading of 500, whereas mine was over 4000.  The reason is because I had so many blood transfusions when I was ill, every two weeks I had them to keep me alive.  It builds up the ferritin in the blood and it is dangerous to keep it high as it can cause organ problems later on if not dealt with.  I saw my consultant this week and she said my level is now 1500… I’m so excited about the prospect of not going to hospital every month, but it might take another year to get it below the magic number…which for me is 1000.  I’m 5 years post 2nd transplant this June and it will be nice to finally be at the hospital less. 
On to the meal plan…Here’s what I ate last week…


Lunch: homemade soup

Dinner: I took my mum out for dinner, she chose a local burger place and I had a bean burger with fries and a salad.

Tuesday… ❤️Valentine’s Day❤️… 

Lunch:  Homemade soup

Dinner: Jerk Cauliflower Steaks, Chickpea Quinoa Salad, Kale, Garlic & Sunflower seeds


Jerk Cauliflower: 

Quinoa: cook the quinoa as per the packed instructions and leave to cool.  Make the dressing by mixing 2 tablespoons Tahini, Juice of a lemon, lemon zest (make sure you buy unwaxed), salt, pepper, a little water, you might need a tsp of agave/maple syrup.  I added grated carrot and coriander to the quinoa and then poured the dressing over. 


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Vegetable Dhansak

I’ve made this before and written the recipe in another blog post.  It is a slimming world recipe which I found in the ‘little book of sauces’


Lunch: I had the rest of the leftover quinoa and salad as I was on an all day First-aid course.  All delegates were provided lunch but they said they could not provide vegan!  I was astounded to be honest but when I got there and saw the offering for everyone else,  I realised the caterers obviously had no imagination or real skill.  It was white bread sandwiches with egg mayo, cheese or ham.   Glad I took my tahini quinoa salad with roasted squash.   I even took myself some Oreo cookies as I didn’t want to miss out on biscuits. 

It really isn’t hard to do vegan food, I get most my inspiration from googling… The most obvious and easiest sandwiches are houmous and salad or falafel or avocado and salad, or  roasted veg…. 

Dinner:  I felt very tired after a long day, and as we didn’t eat out on Valentine’s Day, we went to Zizzi in Market Harborough.  They have a great Vegan menu with vegan cheese for the pizza so I had to have that! 

I went for a Vegan Rustica Pizza with Artichokes, Olives and Green Chillies with a side salad.   We shared bread and olives to start. 


Lunch: I didn’t have time to sort out lunch or dinner for today so I bought a salad bowl and houmous from Sainsbury’s on my way into work.

Dinner: You may have noticed Rich likes chips from the chip shop on a Friday! He used to have them at lunchtime but he has been working out and about on Fridays over the last few weeks, so has had them in the evening.  I had them too tonight. 


Lunch: We were up super early for a Saturday…6.30am… We had firewood being delivered and I had an osteopath appointment in Northampton town.  I ended up getting the food shop before my appointment and we had Beans on Toast for lunch. 

Rich got on with painting the ceiling in the living room and we had an afternoon nap to make up for the early start.

Dinner: Kale, Canellini Bean and Squash Pasta


I’ve been have some trouble with my back and hip recently, well I have had for years since my transplants and subsequent hip replacements.  There isn’t anything wrong with my new hips, but walking hunched over on crutches with two broken collapsed hips did damage to my back & posture etc…  I usually manage the pain and problem with regular osteopath appointments but recently it’s been very painful.  We were going to go to the allotment but I didn’t feel able so Rich went on his own.  I made Leek & Potato Soup and some Banana Bread to use up some brown bananas.   I mostly use the Fat Free Vegan Banana Bread recipe but only add the blueberries when they are in season. 

Lunch: Homemade Leek & Potato Soup

Dinner: Vegan Roast Dinner 

See you next time. 


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  1. Penny Veg says:

    You eat just the kind of stuff I enjoy. Checking out that vegetable dhansak!


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