Vegan Meal Plan – 27 February 2017

A quick meal plan only this week…


Dinner: Pasta with homemade tomato sauce and ‘Bean Balls’.  I made the bean balls with kidney beans.


Dinner: Vegetable Korma with Brown Rice.

 This was a recipe from a new cookbook called Bowls of Goodness by Nina Olsson. I’ve never made a Korma before but it was amazing and not like the kind you get from a takeaway. 


Dinner: Falafel Burger in wholemeal bun with Wedges and Salad.

I was inspired to make these after we had a really tasty falafel burger at Zapato Lounge in Northampton.  These burgers that I made tasted delicious but fell apart a bit when we ate them.  I am still looking for a homemade burger recipe that doesn’t fall apart.  I think using tofu as a binder is probably a must.  I will keep trying!


Dinner:  Steamed Dim Sum Buns stuffed with a ginger soy vegetable mix and Satay Veg Stirfry

I’ve made these buns quite a few times before.  They are based on a Jamie Oliver a Recipe, the bun dough is just 1 tin of coconut milk, with 2 tins worth of self raising flour, salt & pepper, blended in a food processor.  I then divide it into 12 balls.  Flatten a ball out and fill, then pinch it closed at the bottom.  Place in a paper muffin case, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and steam for about 10 minutes. You don’t need to fill them either, you can just place the rolled balls in the cases and steam.  The dough freezes well too. 


Dinner:  Jacket Pots, Beans and Linda McCartney Sausages. 

We’ve done a lot to the house, well the living room, this week and are starting on the land so I’m working on a post about that…


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  1. So lovely, What a delicious plate of korma, so lovely to see :)!


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