Vegan Meal Plan (Slimming World) August 2017

Here is my latest vegan meal plan.  This time it has slimming world (SW) references  with syns and heathy extras (HEA & HEB) in brackets. Unless otherwise stated my HEA is soya or oat milk for hot drinks. 

I joined slimming world three weeks ago and this was my first week on plan.  I have lost weight with slimming world before I was ill so I know it works and is a good healthy way to eat generally.  Now I am feeling a lot better in many ways, it is time to get healthier again.  In three weeks I have lost 11.5lbs which I am amazed at.  I was worried that due to my slow metabolism (bone marrow transplant slows it down as does the menopause) it would be a slow slog but this has boosted me, although I do expect it will slow a bit now, but as long as it moves in the right direction I will be happy!

Day 1

Breakfast: Overnight Oats (HEB) – Mix 40g oats (HEB) with 200g Alpro plain with coconut (1 syn) and put in fridge overnight, in the morning I add blueberries and chopped strawberries.

Lunch: Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot, pepper, spring onions) with 2 chopped up Linda McCartney Red Onion sausages (Free) 

Dinner: Lentil & Black Bean Cottage Pie with Corn onthe cob and French beans (Free)

Cottage Pie: puy lentils, onion, garlic, tomatoes, black beans, stock, herbs, mustard powder, soy sauce, crushed potato topping. 

Snacks: Alpen light bar (3 syns), Ritz Bakefuls (5.5 syns), baked tofu (Free), Banana, Grapes.

Day 2

Breakfast: Overnight oats as above (1 Syn) & banana, blueberries.

Lunch: Leftover lentil cottage pie & sweetcorn (Free)

Dinner: Veg Stirfry with Wholewheat noodles (ginger, garlic, spring onions, edamame beans, bamboo shoots, peppers, carrots, courgette, cabbage, soy sauce, oil) (1 syn)

Snacks: Alpen light Jaffa (3 syns), Alpro Go On Plain with nectarine, strawberries, blueberries (2syns), baked tofu (free), 

Day 3

Brunch: Fry-up (LM Red Onion sausages, baked beans, baked mushrooms, grilled tomato, crispy baked potato discs) (Free) and wholemeal toast (HEB)

Dinner: Indian Takeaway (Vegetable Dhansak (10.5 syns), plain rice, 1 Poppadom (4syns) & salad

Day 4

Breakfast: Nectarines, melon, strawberries, blueberries, Alpro Yogurt with coconut (1 syn)

Lunch: Vegan Bacon Sandwich (wholemeal bread (HEB), Vbites Rashers 1/4 pack (1 syn), 1tbsp ketchup (0.5 syns)

Dinner: Risotto Verde (arborio rice, courgette, French beans, peas, edamame beans, mint) (Free)

Day 5

Breakfast: Alpro plain yogurt with coconut, blueberries and banana (1 syn)

Lunch: Homemade vegetable, barley and lentil soup with rye bread (HEB)

Dinner: Roasted Cauliflower with syn free balti sauce and potato, peppers & chickpea hash and side salad

Snacks: Banana, Nectarine

Day 6

Breakfast: Alpro plain yogurt with coconut, strawberries, blueberries (1 syn)

Lunch: Homemade vegetable soup with barley and lentils and rye bread (HEB)

Dinner: Baked Tofu and stir fry veg with rice

Day 7

Breakfast: Nectarine, Melon, Strawberries, Blueberries & Alpen Light Jaffa Bar ( 3 syns)

Lunch: Baked Beans on Wholemeal Toast and side salad (Free & HEB)

Dinner: Quick Veggie Pasta with arrabiatta sauce (Free)


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