Vegan Slimming World Meal Plan: No. 3

It is week 5 for me at slimming world and I lost another 2.5lbs taking me to 1 stone 1.5lbs loss so far.  I got my 1 stone award and slimmer of the week. 

Here is my latest meal plan…

Day 1

Breakfast: Nectarine,Strawberries, Alpen Light Jaffa (3 syns)

Lunch: Baked Tofu salad Sandwich (HEB) & Smoky Bacon Popchips (5) (I am addicted to these!)

Dinner: Mexican Spicy Rice, salad and homegrown sweetcorn (free)

Day 2

Breakfast:  Overnight Oats with Alpro Coconut Yogurt (HEB & 1 syn)

Lunch:  Homemade Lentil & Carrot Soup with chickpeas (free)

Dinner:  Channa Masala with Baked Squash & salad (free)

Snacks: Alpen Light Jaffa (3syns), Fruit, 

Day 3

Breakfast: overnight oats (HEB & 1 syn)

Lunch: homemade lentil & carrot soup with chickpeas with Rye Bread (6syns)

Dinner:  Lentil Blognese with wholewheat pasta and salad (Free)

Snacks:Alpen light Jaffa (3syns), fruit, Alpro Go On Plain yogurt (1 syn)

Day 4

Breakfast: Porridge (HEB & HEA)

Lunch: leftover lentil Bolognese (free)

Dinner: Homemade Seitan Hotdogs with Wedges, slaw & salad (estimate 5 syns for hotdog, 7 for roll, 0.5 ketchup)

Snacks: fruit

Day 5 

Breakfast: overnight oats (HEB & 1syn)

Lunch: Baked Tofu & mixed bean salad (free)

Dinner: Jacket Potato, Baked Beans, Quorn Hot & spicy Burger X 2 (4 syns)

Snacks: Alpro go on plain (1 syn) fruit, Nairns Astro Bites (5 syns) 

Day 6 

Breakfast: overnight oats with fruit (HEB & 1 syn)

Lunch: Vbites Rashers sandwich (8syns) with salad & chickpeas 

Dinner: Vegetable Paella, red cabbage, homegrown sweetcorn & salad (free)

: fruit

Day 7 

Breakfast: Alpro go on plain (1syn) & fruit

Lunch: leftover paella (free)

Dinner: Roast Dinner (Linda McCartney Red Onion Sausages, roast potatoes, peas, broccoli, beans & Carrots – Free) Gravy (3 syns)

Snacks: Cashew Nuts (HEB), Alpen light Jaffa (3 syns)


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