I am mindfully and compassionately living life after two bone marrow transplants and, as a consequence, two hip replacements.
Having re-evaluated what is important in life, I am trying to regain a healthy body and mind after years of life saving treatment for serious illness.
I am vegan and love to cook with fresh wholesome ingredients.  My husband and I grow our own veg on our allotment and have moved to a property in the countryside with 1/4 of an acre which we will use to continue our self-sufficient dreams.
This second chance at life has taught me to be mindful of the little things everyday, to be aware of how precious our bodies are and how important it is to ensure we think about what we do to ourselves and environment around us, be that through what we eat or how we live.
This blog will be a way of recording all these new adventures and experiments in living a happy healthy life.
I wrote a blog when I was undergoing treatment and having my bone marrow transplants which is here…. http://punkamunka.blogspot.co.uk



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