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Meal Plan 6-9 January 2017

Near the end of the week I start thinking about what meals I will make the following week and therefore what shopping I need to do.  I have found it helps to have a rough list of what cupboard items I have and I just update this as I use things.  In the past I… Continue reading Meal Plan 6-9 January 2017

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Moving on

Back in business… It has been a while… Nearly a year in fact!  I started this blog as a follow on from the blog I wrote when I had my bone marrow transplant.  The aim was to document the change in lifestyle that I (and my husband, Rich) had adopted since I recovered, to have… Continue reading Moving on

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Meal Planning

Every Friday afternoon I sit down and plan our meals for the following 7 days.  I start our week on a Saturday, purely because, as a general rule, that is the day we go food shopping! I try and have a balance between wholesome, scratch made meals and meals that don’t take ages to put… Continue reading Meal Planning

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Truly, mindfully living this amazing thing called Life…

Hello..I’ve started this blog as the second phase of what I call my ‘new life!  The first phase was my bone marrow transplant and I wrote a different blog during that process to help me deal with my emotions and try to find a way through it.  It was also a good way for my friends to keep… Continue reading Truly, mindfully living this amazing thing called Life…